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Solid Group 

High-End Blockchain Security Solutions.


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Secured In Crypto Assets


All In One Solution

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for the cryptocurrency world. We are known for our exceptional out of the box thinking, experience, and our credibility among the community. Throughout our work, our team was able to discover many high severity issues & vulnerabilities. We work with leading companies in the field, helping them increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions. 

Smart Contract Auditing

We provide fast & quality audits for smart contracts.

Our audit certificate is welcome among all CEX, and top-tier launchpads / vcs. 

Sniper Bot Protection Solution

We provide DEX listing advisory services, along with our sniper bot protection solution to ensure a clean liquidity listing

Audited & Secure Token 

In house developed smart contract library which covers 90% of the token use-cases.

Technical Advisory Services

Technical Advisory Services for VCs, and early-stage projects.

In Applications where code powers real money, security is a top priority


Economies in which software powers real money are exposed to hacks and attacks


Preventions are far more important while working on immutable code


Lack of experience in testing technologies and blockchain pitfalls

Our Audits Are Accepted Among CEX & Top-Tier Launchpads

Fast & Reliable Security Assestment

We will verify your on-chain code works as intended.

Our team of professionals thoroughly reviews your system's codebase and provides a full report exploring all the vulnerabilities and issues found along with our exclusive and unique support in helping our clients increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions.

Audit Vulnerabilities Distribution 


High Severity


Medium Severity


Informational Severity


How It Works

Bot Protection

Ensure your investors' credibility

Sniper & Front-Running on-chain protection

We offer a bot protection tool that mitigates any bot activity. Our product secures your liquidity listing by taking proactive measures against unwelcome threats and provides your investors with an unbiased environment.

Our solution was integrated with more than 60 projects, and is highly appreciated among all launchpads.

Building tailored made listing strategies


Affordable Market Making Strategy


Effective buyback strategy to combat negative trends


Advanced trading tools 

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